Saturday, August 18, 2007


A hippie grocery store three blocks from my house has this policy of putting extra-ripe produce in large bags, which sell for a dollar. Yesterday it was bananas. I made another loaf of banana-rescue bread (this time with two absolutely oozy bananas and only one egg, and raisins because I was bored). I just so happened to be making peanut butter truffles this morning and, as usual, found myself with some leftover tempered chocolate. I broke bananas in marshmallow-sized pieces and dipped them. The result has the same textural appeal of a chocolate covered marshmallow -- what with the chocolate shell collapsing inward on the soft, slightly springy interior when you bite down -- minus all the "I'm a disgusting bit of extruded sugar, gelatin, and preservatives" nonsense that marshmallows are in the habit of yelling at you.

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Wilson's Wilsony Wilson said...

marshmallows yell at you? are you eating hallucinogenic marshmallows?