Sunday, August 19, 2007


Food is all about electromagnetism. From snakes stalking their infrared mice to bees pollinating their ultraviolet daisies, color tells us what to eat. The prettiest, brightest vegetables have the most antioxidants, which keep us living longer and happier. It's interesting that antioxidants aren't just associated with colors, but are the actual pigments themselves. Even the names tell you what color they are, like the zeaXANTHin* antioxidants in saffron and the anthoCYANin* antioxidants in blueberries. Anyway, we've got a palate for pigments -- so what happens when we start mixing nutritional paints?

We get a big messy anti-cancer, anti-aging elixir. An enthusiastic five-year-old's goopy fingerpainted panacea. A study in brown. Chocolate, my dears, it's chocolate!

*Xanth is Latin for yellow.
*Cyan is Latin for cyan.

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