Thursday, May 09, 2019

More Words Elsewhere

Awww, look how cute and skeuomorphic and narrow this poor neglected blog is! Narrow websites are basically the internet's version of sepia. 

It's not that I've stopped writing, though--over at you can find my recent fiction and essays.


HokieChick said...

Love your blog. I cannot think I got to it except starting with food history/recipes. But at some point I saw you were from West Virginia (where I have “kin”) and being from southwest Virginia myself, I was drawn. I find on your site all (or many, at least) of the things I saw happening in my own family in Virginia but that I never learned, despite all the berry walks, wagon trails, mule plowing, and sugar cane snacking I remember doing. You were blessed, for example to have had a father that could teach you how to make wedding rings (MAKE your OWN wedding rings!) To say nothing of the buckwheat groats recipes and those for Concord Grape jam (is there any other way to eat Concord grapes?). I’ve never commented on a blog before but I’m glad & grateful that you are preserving (well, in my case initiating) and instructing on all the wonders you have learned. It’s like June Carter College (and I mean that in the best possible way, as are all things related to June Carter). Thanks for schoolin’ us.

Rosanna said...

@HokieChick--oh my goodness, I think "June Carter College" is the sweetest compliment ever! Thanks for reading!