Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Assortment of Adventures, in Photography

It's a rainy day in Virginia. The bread's rising. I've downed my third hot beverage of the day, written a letter, and sat in the rocking chair. The cat thinks he wants to go out. Seems like time to dig through my photos and remember some of my California adventures (which are not over, sigh).

A good crumb of flaky flaky pie crust.

Note the "no charge" for my soup bone. Another reason to love Bi-Rite.

That soup bone made the stew so velvety, so deep.

A pantry mishap. The same blackberry wine now stays in its bottle to age, having learned the value of restraint after sowing its wild oats in its effervescent youth.


Jennifer Jo said...

So now we're neighbors? Welcome home!

That last picture? You could've made up a wild story involving knives and 911 if you had been in the mood to pull our leg(s).

Anonymous said...


Petroc said...

Free soup bone? I'm in!

Are those carrot greens in the second photo? How did you (or do you plan to) use them?

Rosanna said...

Actually, they're parsley leaves sitting on top of carrots. Sadly, not very exciting!