Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beer Bread

Dear Fressen Artisan Bakery,
I wanted to check out the rhubarb scene at the farmer's market down by People's Food Co-op, and I thought it a good excuse to take my new broomstick of a bike for a spin. I found forests of rhubarb, and bought a couple pounds of the crimson stalks. Then I saw your bread, and it looked like Europe, and so I asked about it. You told me all about the long-fermented sourdoughs, the dense volkornbrot and some rolls I'd be tempted to call zsemle, and you even gave me a sample of that enormous beer bread loaf behind the glass. I said I'd like to buy it, only to discover I had squandered almost all my funds on rhubarb. Even combing out all my change, I still came up $2.50 short. But you gave me the loaf anyway, and it filled up first my backpack and then my tummy. It was exactly perfect: sour and light, with a crackly thin crust and a moist, tender interior. Thanks ever so much.


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