Monday, March 03, 2008


While I have my camera and shoes, my USB cord seems to be in the same buried box as my clean socks. No pictures, then of my U-Haul manna. My traveling companion brought the finest food in the cab: a perfect persimmon and a brined beef tongue. I brought the random things I hoped my housemates wouldn't miss (yes, I'm the scape- goat cheese, my dears). Altogether, then, I made the journey from Portland to San Francisco with half a persimmon, all 7 ounces of cheese, a square of Theo's Ghana chocolate, 3 bosc pears (one brown and mealy), two slices beef tongue, half an orange, and one baby banana. I consumed approximately 300% of my recommended daily saturated fat, while my fifth of the shared U-Haul guzzled a billion percent of its recommended daily non-renewable oil. The cats refused all apologies, palliatives, and palatables.

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