Monday, December 10, 2007

Papa's "Stewp"

My father has spent upwards of three decades working as a carpenter, and naturally abhors things like sixteenths of an inch and tablespoons (for which, he tells me, we can all blame Reagan). Here is his philosophy for ‘STEWP', where he sidesteps the politics of measurement by resorting to genuinely universal units.

Other stellar highlights of his culinary repertoire include grilled blue cheese sandwiches and I don't know how many hundreds of gallons of maple syrup, cooked off in a converted water trough out in the cow pasture.

He sent this my way back in October, but there's plenty of soup season ahead of us.

(Thanks, Papa!)

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Wilson's Wilsony Wilson said...

Did your dad's recipe say, "a chunk of finger of the youngest person eating the meal?" Things are beginning to make more sense now.

RosannaBeth, I have a new page now. There's a link on my Wilson's Wilsony Wilson page.