Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 3.0

It rated a perfect 3.0 on the butter scale. Pound and a quarter for three pie crusts. Pound for the stuffing. Quarter pound for basting. Quarter pound between the gravy and the beet sauce that got drizzled all over the kale. The balance for the mashed sweet potatoes, which, unfortunately, were so delicious* we didn't eat ANY pie till today. Ludicrous, I know, but with that much butter in a crust, it can survive even overnight refrigeration quite gracefully. And the day rated an even 3.0 for trips to the rosemary bush down the street, a 3.0 for liters of mulled wine, and a 3.0 for Members-of-the-Household-Working-on-Their-Theses-on-Thanksgiving-of-all-Days.

*Steam the sweet potatoes till quite tender. Whisk in the whipped cream left over from the morning's waffles, lots of salt and pepper, one trip's worth finely minced rosemary, a moderate amount of curry powder, slightly more molasses than you intended, and a stick of butter (and maybe just a bit of that ghee that got a little bit accidentally-deliciously caramelized).

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WCrawford said...

Also a perfect 3.0 on the number of days leftovers survived. Would that it could have been a 3.0 in weeks.