Monday, November 12, 2007

How to Eat

With your fingers. Because it's silly to sit down with fine folk and share only the conversation -- when there are germs and elbow-space and enormous platters of wat to be scooped up with that spongy fermented injera.

Quite frankly, when LJ makes Ethiopian food, it's magic. And when there's a fire in the grate and cats and guitars, it's hard not to question our dependence on things like forks and job interviews.

In other news, the new house is great, and I'm taking advantage of its relative security to brew kombucha, make granola, and cultivate houseplants.


Zac said...

I have four questions for you - three of which you may be able to answer:

1) Number.
2) Why do they call it cavemlan and not caveman? Is this a feminist thing?
3) Did you actually go IN the cave or was it some sort of fantasy?
4) Why don’t they call it cavaederman?
5) Caveman.

Rosanna said...

1) Ethiopian salt-shaker.
2) Zac, I know all about caves. Once, I was in a cave and got lost. I thought I would never see my Mama again. Another time, I read a book about people in caves and shadows and whatnot. But I don't know anything about cavemlan.
3) I do know about cavalry and cavilling and cavies and caveats.