Tuesday, September 04, 2007


One time not so long ago when I was traveling to Hungary, I put together something I called SuperGORP -- several pounds of peanuts, walnuts, raisins, minced prunes, sunflower seeds, coconut, apple schnitz, sundried tomatoes, and chocolate chips (for dessert). I subsisted on it for some days, during which I shamelessly used SuperGORP as a disarmingly dorky conversation starter until M. Jacob told me that GORP was an acronym for Good Oldfashioned Raisins, Peanuts, and that I had rather stretched the definition with the tomatoes and chocolate.

I'm moving again. This time, I'll be within the same zip code -- though it's my eighth in two years. After so much traveling, I've finally perfected my SuperGORP recipe: take one pound of very dark chocolate, and eat it by the ounce. The theobromine rush will make you capable of any number of painful goodbyes, turn strangers into friends, and add sparkle to the emptiest of new houses.

Goodbye, Lil' Baghdad. What a lovely summer fling you were.

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