Friday, September 21, 2007

The Ladies' Pie Society

It's a dance party or a feast or the chance to make dozens of pies and distribute them to needy Reedies and other residents of Portland.

According to Everyday Foods (my most recent treasure from the Goodwill Bins -- a home economics textbook from 1949), pies should have crusts that are "tender, but free from the tendency to crumble, crisp on the bottom as well as along edges," with a "flaky, slightly rough, almost blistered appearance." The filling ought to be "neither too dry nor too juicy... tender and quivery." The baker attempting a perfect-scoring pastry ought to be clad in something, "washable, attractive, and of course spick-and-span."

Ladies' Pie Society: 100 points for style alone.

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Wilson's Wilsony Wilson said...

It's important for women to be well groomed while cooking, baking, dusting or vacuuming. When men finally do set down their briefcases at the end of a difficult day, they deserve better than to see something out of place, or unattractive. Keeping this in mind, we may be able to precipitate the largest North American population explosion to date. After all, we can't let the communists win.