Friday, August 17, 2007

Fired & Tired

I was famished yesterday after work. Getting yelled at in triplicate and filing carbon copies of ugly rumors is quite draining and hunger-making. Then a friend showed up, who hadn't had supper either, and the poor boy was having such an awful day he'd lost his appetite. What could be done? Something quick enough for the hungry girl and tasty enough for the stressy boy?

With the burner cranked up full bore, I heated EVO in my #9 cast iron skillet, tossed in a chopped onion and let it brown. Once crispy-caramelized, a generous splash of water helped the onion cook up faster. Before the water cooked off, I added a little agave nectar and a pillar of salt. When it had reduced pretty well, I pulled a chunk of cheapo salmon from the freezer, shoved the onions to the back of the pan, and tossed sliced zucchini in around the fish. I got a little bored waiting for the fish to brown, so I made patterns on the zukes with raisins and decorated the fish with turmeric and curry. And I further indulged my impatience by pulling it all off the heat when the fish was just browned on both sides, and still pinkie in the middle. Hey, it had been in the freezer for weeks. How many nasties could've survived?

Served it up with a refresher splash of EVO and more salt.

Lots of rejuvenation happened around that supper table.

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